A leading supplier of Environmental Engineering Systems, KPN Green Tech Co., Ltd. provides high performance, cost-efficient, turnkey of Urban and Industrial wastewater treatment solution, water process, water reuse and sludge treatment. The success of our solution rests in our specialized approach and our commitment to single-source responsibility. Not only do we carefully assess each client’s requirements and tailor each system to match their needs, but we also supply necessary chemicals and ongoing support including training, equipment commissioning, maintenance and more to help clients keep their systems functioning at the highest level possible. Read More..

Wastewater Treatment System

* Applications: Inorganic WW. : Plating, Etching, Alumite, Pickling, Polishing, Die Caste & Coolant (Oil & Grease included), Semi Conductor and heavy metal inclusive Organic WW. : Toilet & Canteen
* Technologies: Chemical Treatment System (Heavy Metal Removal), Floatation (Oil &Grease Removal) , Bio. Treatment System(Aerobic- AS, MBR etc. & Anerobic System) Read More..

Water Treatment System

* Applications: Plating line, Food Manufacturing, Boiler Water, Dying Industry, Cleaning Water, Drinking Water, Hospital, Chemical Manufacturing
* Technologies: Sand Filter, Activated Carbon Filter (Auto / Manual), Membrane Filtration(MF / UF) , Softener, RO (Reverse Osmosis), DI (Deionization), Pure Water (EDI), Disinfection (Ozone / UV) etc. Read More..

Equipment Supply and Plant Maintenance

* Equipment for Water and Wastewater : Pump : CS , FRPP, PP, PVC Pump, Chemical Metering Pump etc. Screen, Aerator, Air Blower & Diffuser, Plastic Media Belt Press, Filter Press, Polymer Preparation System Tank : Steel, Stainless, FRP and PE Tank
* Filter and Membrane
* Chemical Supply:
* Laboratory Analysis
* Contract Maintenance Read More..


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